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Forbici vince carta vince pietra Ian McDonald

Forbici vince carta vince pietra

Ian McDonald

Published 1997
ISBN : 9788806145644
147 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Ethan Ring and his friends stumble upon the discovery of fractals, visual images capable of directly affecting any persons thought and action, a foolproof mind control mechanism. Ethan is compelled to employ this discovery to serve the purposes of the government security agency. Curiosity and human ability can produce wondrous things, but human turpitude just as easily subverts them.Ethan is wracked by guilt and shame for all he was compelled to do. He begins a pilgrimage, seeking atonement and redemption.Short in length but vast in meaning, Ian McDonald writes a very relatable novel. When you read this book, open all your senses-- read the words, be mindful of the subtext and heedful of the syntax. Vision, perception, understanding, consciousness, action-- there are junctions where they meet and connect or pass each other by.I have thought much about this book but I suspect its full import has only skimmed the surface of my consciousness. I shall revisit this and aim to stand at the junction where all levels of my consciousness meet and truly grasp all this intends to impart.Thank you to Mr. Zachary Jernigan, author of NO RETURN, for the recommendation